About DD-Productions


DD-Productions are a few guys with common hobbies in the digital and multimedia area.

The most present right now (end of 2014) are aerial shots, 3D graphics and video. And from time to time "regular" photos or some other digital stuff may appear.

You can find some results of our work here on our homepage - and the start page should make it easy to find the new stuff on future visits... ;-)

The Name

DD-Productions - or the original: Double D Productions - was created in a hurry and without much background thoughts.

We had prepared a intro video for a LAN party and just needed a name - and DD-Productions was the final thing that got stuck in most peoples head.

And why "DD" - or "Double D?"
Because the nicknames of the two founding members started with a D. So there was not very much creativity involved... ;-)


In the time we started the collaboration it has been much Maxon Cinema 4D (up to Release 7), Adobe Photoshop (6.0) und Ulead Video Studio (until Corel discontinued it).

During the years more and more open source tools like GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus and Blender have been discovered and used.

Most newer stuff was created using open source software; but Photoshop and Lightroom sometimes exist for a reason... ;-)

The Beginning

In 2001 the first collaboration started. A video nerd and a 3D nerd combined their (little) knowledge creating a LAN party intro video.
Our materials: photos, videos and ideas for 3D animations, and some software tools...

In the next two or three years we created various videos (intros or about events). Sometimes with 3D, sometimes without.