Version 1.2 - Changes...

The list of changes that went online with the newest version...
(details for nerds)

  • tweaked layout a little bit (preparing two color modes - light and dark)
  • changed social media integration to Shariff from c't magazine(avoids iFrames totally, has nice privacy protection)
  • changed location of sharing buttons for images and videos
  • added Reddit, Tumblr and Pinterest for Web-Sharing
  • added WhatsApp, Threema and SMS for mobile sharing
  • reworked settings module (now less clicking if you change more then one value)
  • added option to enable optional visitor tracking
  • fixed "not really centred beneath content" bug for gallery navigation (images and videos)
  • fixed bug that date is not showing up in blog overview
  • fixed a few internal things
  • extended footer in blog detail view with link to category / overview and display of the article tags

2014-11-30 23:28 | Blog | Tags: website