The new Website

We had various reasons to say goodbye to our old website system and start with a new one.
And now we're back online - with a simplified system behind. This article is about some of the changes that have been done...

The most visible part is the new layout. It's still not 100% perfect, but the most important thing is reached:
The website can now be used on mobile devices, too!

Another thing is the support for two languages. All content published here is (as you may see) available in english, not only in german language.
There's also an option in the new settings for the website - in case the automatic detection based on the languages accepted by your browser is not working properly.

The mentioned settings are available, but they may experience minor (or perhaps major) changes. Beside the language setting you can activate social media sharing or set the size of the images there...

More things will come, until then: enjoy your stay.

2014-10-26 15:59 | Blog | Tags: website